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September Quarterly Meeting will be held on September 10th at Mickleton Friends Meeting. There will be a special presentation from 1:30-2:30PM on prison reform in the Little Red Schoolhouse. Speakers: Lisa Stewart Garrison, Elena Flynn, and Justin Loughry. Here are the details:

17th and 18th century Friends were imprisoned for their faith and Quaker’s experience with incarceration informed early efforts at prison reform. Philadelphia Friends created a Fund for Sufferings, still active today, to alleviate financial hardships resulting from Quaker acts of conscience. Utilizing queries to explore our experience with issues of self-determination, freedom, justice and reform, we’ll examine recent efforts to make the criminal justice system fairer, such as the 2014 decision by NJ voters to reform the monetary bail system.

A Program of Salem Quarterly Meeting in partnership with the Vicinage 15 Minority Concerns Committee, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Fund for Sufferings, and the Equal Justice Committee.

Members of the General Public Welcome to Attend. Childcare available!