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September Quarterly meeting will be a special presentation in partnership with the Equal Justice Committee and Vicinage 15 Minority Concerns Committee. (See schedule below.)

 Lisa S. Garrison, Founder of The Freedom Project & Member, Greenwich Friends Mtg
 Elena Flynn, Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) Officer for the Superior Court of NJ, Vicinage XV
Justin Loughry
*Vicinage XV consists of Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester Counties

 Program Summary (1:30-2:30PM):
17th and 18th century Friends were imprisoned for their faith and Quaker’s experience with incarceration informed early efforts at prison reform. Philadelphia Friends created a Fund for Sufferings, still active today, to alleviate financial hardships resulting from Quaker acts of conscience. Utilizing queries to explore our experience with issues of self-determination, freedom, justice and reform, we’ll examine recent efforts to make the criminal justice system fairer, such as the 2014 decision by NJ voters to reform the monetary bail system. 

A Program of Salem Quarterly Meeting in partnership with the Vicinage 15 Minority Concerns Committee, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Fund for Sufferings, and the Equal Justice Committee.

Quarterly Meeting Schedule:

September Quarterly meeting will be held at Mickleton Monthly Meeting (413 Kings Hwy, Mickleton, NJ 08056) on September 10th. Schedule — 10AM: Worship; 11AM: Meeting for Business; 12PM: Lunch (at Little Red Schoolhouse; 1:30-2:30PM: Program (at Little Red Schoolhouse) – Quakers Know Prisons From the Inside Out: Towards Equal Justice, Freedom and Reform. Childcare available!

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