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There is a way for Friends to give online or recurring gifts to their monthly or quarterly meeting! Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s online donations page has a section for contributions to monthly and quarterly Meetings. This is a secure way to give online and is also an easy way to set up an automated recurring gift to a monthly or quarterly meeting.

Our yearly meeting is offering this service out of a desire to help monthly and quarterly meetings in their fundraising efforts. It is hoped that this will make it easier for members and attenders to give to their monthly or quarterly meeting.


  • The donation can be by credit card or by ACH checking account withdrawal.
  • Friends may make a one-time gift or a recurring gift.
  • The frequency can be once, every other week, monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or yearly.
  • Recurring gifts can be limited to an end date or total gift amount.
  • Friends will have direct access to independently change or cancel their gift at any time.
  • Friends will receive an email receipt from Acceptiva, PYM’s online donations processor.
  • PYM will send a quarterly check for the total amount that was donated to the meeting.
  • PYM will send a quarterly statement of the donor names and amount of the gifts.

No fees charged to the meeting:

There is no fee to the monthly meeting. The processor, Acceptiva, charges a transaction fee which is about 3% and PYM covers those transaction fees and the monthly enrollment fee.

Finding the donations webpage:

You can get to the page directly by clicking on this link www.pym.org/nurture

Two contribution sections:

You will see on the page that there are two sections for making a gift. The first is for gifts to the PYM annual fund. Below that is the section for gifts to monthly and quarterly meetings. If they so choose, members can give to both PYM and to the monthly/quarterly meeting in a single transaction.

More information as well as detailed instructions for how to make a gift can be found at:


Only meetings who have responded that they would like to be included in this yearly meeting service are listed on the donations page. Meetings can be added to the donations page at any time by contacting Jennie Sheeks, Director of Development at jsheeks@pym.org or 215-241-7115.