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Invitation to the Annual Nanticoke-Lenape Powwow


Where: Salem County Fairgrounds, 735 Harding Hwy, Woodstown, NJ

When: Second weekend in June

Nanticoke-Lenape Princess Allie Mosley, (c) 2017 Crystal Mosley ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Nanticoke-Lenape Tribal Nation explains, “Our Pow Wow celebrates the culture and socializing of American Indians. It is a ‘living event’ and not a ‘reenactment’. Public Pow Wows invite non-American Indian people to learn and enjoy the celebration, while also respecting the culture.”

Powwow Justice Norwood

Nanticoke-Lenape Warrior Justice Norwood, (c) 2016 E. Preston ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



have a great time,

make new friends and

wonderful memories.




For directions and details, go to: http://nanticoke-lenapetribalnation.org/tribal-calendar-2/pow-wow/